In Memory Of Jeannie Quintino

I first met Jeannie while I was a new nurse, she was my Director of Nurses. Jeannie was at once dignified and fun. Jeannie was a Lady. She was strong and intelegent and kind. She taught me much of my nursing skills. Jeannie was the kind of nurse I want to be.
I have a memory from 1993 or 1994, she and I were sitting at the nurses
station in a quiet moment. We started to talk about politics. She told me she was
a Republican, I told her I was a Democrat. From there we talked about
social welfare, military funding and Medicare. We were both surprised to see
how many ideas we shared. I told her she was more Democrat, she told me
that I was more Republican.
We laughed, and were quiet for a moment... then out of the blue, she said she loved butterflies.
Jeannie told me they represented to her both Christianity and beauty.

Jeannie was a mentor and a friend. This world is now a colder place.
Sleep with Angels Jeannie!