Thank you to a HomeBoy

Jenocide and I moved from Berkeley to SF by the time of this story. I think we had moved out of Poncho and Susanna's... But perhaps not. Maybe I was 16 1/2 or so. Jenocide might know better on the dates. Jenocide, her boyfriend, and I went with a 'friend' down to LA to help with a series of showings of 'The Great Rock and Roll Swindle', a movie by the sex pistols.

I was not a punk, but as Jenocides' best bud I sure was at a ton of punk shows in SF... I was that long blond haired hippy girl in the flowing dresses or tiedyes... in a sea of black leather and spiked hair...

But I digress.

During the first showing of the swindle movie there in L.A. we were closed down. After some excitement we made it back to our Motel. The motel we were staying in was located in a seedy part of town. By seedy I mean: no phones in the room, hookers out front… you get the picture.

Since we now had no movie showing to help with, Jenocide went out with her boyfriend to go clubbing. I decided to stay in the room. I wanted to make a call and the nearest phone was a pay phone on the corner. Jenocide had the room key with her. I left the room unlocked, but the door closed and went to make my phone call.

When I came back to the room, I found half a dozen guys who looked to be gang members… in my room and more followed me in and closed the door behind them. They forced me down on the bed and then discussed what was going to happen to me. I leave that conversation to your own imagination. But the killing me after they were done discussion freaked me out. I tried to stay as cool as possible.

All of a sudden one of the guys (who I did not recognize) says something like 'wait wait wait... girl are you from Berkeley High?'. A few years earlier, I had in fact gone to Berkeley High for a few weeks (…Another story for another time). I did however recognize someone trying to help me out and jumped on it! 'yeh!' I said 'Sure I went to Berkeley High!'. He starts talking fast and furious to his friends... that I am a home girl... that I was cool and shouldn't be hurt... I forget much of what he said... but I think he even said I dated some guy in Berkeley... that these guys all knew and liked... he just kept arguing... talking.. He moved over to me.. and I think he put his arm around my shoulder and moved me closer to the door... After some argument... (seemed an eternity to me)... they decided that they would just take my money and go... My protector tells me to lock the door behind them as they leave...

I am soooooo freaking thankful to that home boy that saved me... from many things... maybe even death.

I don't know how or if I will ever be able to thank him... but I want to throw this story and my ever felt thankfulness out there into the world wide web! I hope your life has gone well and that you see this some day. - Rebecca

Thank You HomeBoy